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Have you ever thought about giving your brother proof that not only do you hate them obviously but also love them deeply from the bottom of your heart? Haha, I got you!

Naturally, your Rakhi gift to your brother must be exceptional! After all, it symbolizes your affection for him and celebrates the Raksha Bandhan festival. Give your loving brother a special Rakhi gift this year, in addition to feeding sweets to him. Rakhsha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a holiday that honors a brother’s and sister’s unbreakable relationship. Sisters bind a rakhi around their brother’s wrist, requesting his protection in times of need. In exchange, the brother shows his acceptance by giving her money or a gift.

Sisters have started tying rakhi with a gift to show their love and concern for their brothers in current times. In this post, we’ll go over some fantastic gift ideas for all those sisters who don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their love and devotion to their siblings. By choosing handmade rakhis, not only do you establish a connection with your sibling but you’re being vocal for local and encouraging small businesses artists to carry on their creativity and provide us with astonishing goodies. At there are some terrific rakhi gift ideas to make this Raksha Bandhan an extraordinary one!

1. Personalized premium Evil Eye Rakhi


This Personalized premium quality Evil Eye Rakhi is a wonderful way to remember your time together while protecting you and your loved ones from any evil eye. Reminisce about your good old days where you and your siblings were no less than Tom and Jerry! Make your brother feel loved and cherish this beautiful day together and keep negativity at arm’s length! Admire your bond with this specially customized rakhi and give your sibling a gift for life. It comes with a cute little card with a lovely message from the artist for you!

2. Quilling Peacock Rakhi

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Quilled rakhi shows that you are affectionate towards your sibling and really admire the wonderful individual as they are. This beautifully handcrafted quilled peacock rakhi has the same aura, designed to keep your quirky personality into consideration, and who doesn’t love a peacock? This Rakhi is one of its kind and is specially made using the quilling technique to celebrate the uniqueness of your bond. It is sustainable, eco-friendly, and unique making it a long-lasting and evergreen symbol of love. You can adore these handcrafted rakhis and also can recycle them as a fridge magnet, making it easy for you to sustain it forever and cherish the memories of this Raksha Bandhan!

3. Ganesha and Chakra Reusable Rakhi

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You must be wondering what is so special with these handmade rakhis? Okay, what if I give the game away to you that while these rakhis can light up your mood on the Raksha Bandhan festival by mesmerizing you with their astonishing looks but also can be recycled and could be reused according to your mood! How interesting is that? Want to keep it forever on your neck as a symbol of love? Check. Are you a regular driver and want it with you wherever you go? Check, make it your keychain, and take it wherever you go! A voracious reader? Recycle this wonderful Ganesha and Chakra Rakhi as your bookmark! Whatever you can think of, you can use these little cuties for. These are the simple yet elegant symbols of love and respect for your sibling!

4. Kids special Rakhi- Jungle Edition

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Are you looking for a suitable present for your younger brother?

Here’s a gift set of Frog Rakhi + Colorful Stainless Steel Lunch Box from our Jungle Collection. On the wrist of your young man, beautiful steel-cut animal sculptures play naughty themes, and everything is completely eco-friendly, as well as a safe and hygienic stainless steel Lunch Box with attractive designs. Little brothers are very curious when it comes to gifts and sweets, so why not appease him by gifting him a cute little lunch box and whenever he opens it, he would talk about how lucky he is to get a sister like you! Complement his cuteness with this cute combo, this Raksha Bandhan.

5. Rakhi with a Shagun envelope

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Surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan with our stunning trifold Shagun envelope. Our lovely Shagun envelope has photographs inside, making it ideal for this Rakhi.

Tying your brother just a simple piece of thread won’t be sufficient this year! Try out this amazing pop-up Shagun envelope with a sweet and a customized rakhi that would be a prodigious gift this Raksha Bandhan! It is classy, customized, and with lots of love from the artisans, and indirectly, you appreciate the hard work and creativity of our talented local artists, so why not be vocal for locals?

 Revelation is the new normal and is at your rescue! Buy amazing, customized handmade rakhis this Raksha Bandhan and surprise your loved ones with innate love and care, show them how much they mean to you, and by giving these handicrafts a try you boost artisans creativity levels and spread the love with these reusable and recyclable happy rakhis, totally worth the price and your emotional being! 

Happy shopping, Fellas!

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