No one likes a plain and simple wall and there is nothing that could beat a beautifully handmade art to give an appealing yet an aesthetic look to the wall. Colorful and aesthetic walls just add beauty and liveliness to your house. No matter what your style is, we have got all kinds of products to beautify the walls of your home. So, we thought of sharing some ideas to decorate your walls and make them colorful and lively.

1. Dreamcatcher

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The increasing demand for dream catchers has made them one of the most elegant and likable products to use as a part of our wall art. Not only do they have their own beauty and aura but dream catchers bring in a positive vibe in the lives of people. From basic white and black to blues, greens and yellows they are found in every color that you wish to have. Some people also believe that dream catchers are good luck charms. It really enhances the beauty of the room making it bright and more lively. One should surely think to buy a dreamcatcher as a part of their home decor.

2. Quilling Art

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Quilling Art frames are yet another beautiful creations that are made using thin strips of paper to create amazing and beautiful designs. The efforts that it takes to make a quilling art frame, makes it even more attractive and exquisite to make it a part of our wall decor. You can check our website to find some beautiful Quilling art frames which are completely hand-crafted with warmth and love

3. Wall Paintings and Sketches

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Are you bored of the plain walls? Then you should surely think of putting some beautifully made paintings and sketches on your wall to give an artistic look. Wall Paintings bring a very fresh and lively look and make the wall very pleasing. You can choose from a huge variety of abstract paintings, sketches, portraits of your favorite personalities, or even a customized portrait of yourself or your loved ones. You will find some magnificent wall paintings and sketches on our website and also the paintings can be ordered with customization too.

4. Ceramic Wall Plates

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A room seems to be incomplete without art or wall decor. The usage of Ceramic plates to decorate our walls has been in a trend for a while now. Ceramic plates also known as switch plates are used as an element of wall decor to beautify plain and light-colored walls.  With a wide range of colors and designs to choose from they complement the walls of the room very well and give a unique touch.

5. Embroidered Wall Art

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Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread. There is a lot of intricacies and details involved in making an embroidered wall art which makes it very enthralling and gives an attractive look to the wall. This kind of wall art has been used very frequently to decorate the walls and it makes the room full of life.

Wonderwheel Store has a wide range of products for wall art and home decor that are completely handcrafted by our vendors from all across the county. There are a variety of wall paintings, dream catchers, photo frames, quilling art frames, wall clocks, and many more to choose from to brighten up your room and make it bright and captivating.

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