Have you ever wondered how we are surrounded by machine-made products? We have totally forgotten our traditional ways of living life and the materials that were carved beautifully by the local artisans pouring all the love and emotions while making handmade goodies for us. We have now become fully conventional and missing the essence of handicrafts. These creations are not only soothing for the eyes but would give you an essence of love and time given to make it ONLY for you, that’s what makes handmade products enshrine.

Handmade products give you a chance to look exclusive, feel exclusive, stand out from the crowd and truly complement your beauty with the unique products customized only for you and according to you! Let us discover what actually you are missing out on by not appreciating the goodness of handmade products. Handcrafted products can provide higher quality and more attention to detail, but they can also provide you with some unexpected benefits that will change your perspective towards these customized creations!

1. Handcrafted Products are exclusive!

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We believe you prefer having something that isn’t made by a giant corporation. Handmade things are one-of-a-kind, everything you’re wearing, consuming, or adding to your house is as one-of-a-kind as you are. Just add the goodness of handicrafts to your home and make it more lively and unique. 

2. Handcrafted products bestows a richer experience.


These products give you a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of purity. This is due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as superior taste and the excitement of discovering something you truly enjoy. Because knowing that a product is handcrafted adds to the feeling of a better experience. 

3. Handcrafted products empower communities.

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Local artisans empower their communities by selling these handmade commodities, they return a higher percentage of sales to their communities meaning the people working in the small businesses are more likely to spend their money in the same neighborhood where they work.

4. Handmade product gives you a sense of happiness!

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The majority of us are interested in customization and handmade products open the door for customizations which automatically adds up to our happy hormones! Supporting local craftspeople and their environmentally friendly business practices fits the bill well.

5. Go green with handicrafts.


Indeed, one of the most interesting reasons to use a handcrafted product is that it requires less energy than a mass-produced product and is thus more environmentally friendly, and in fact, by purchasing the handmade commodities you are supporting the environment in which you are living! Say YES to handmade products!

6. A step to support our traditions!


Our traditions are long lost after the intruders came up with westernization, so to begin with, by supporting handmade, you are supporting a tradition, a culture, a heritage, and a craft. It’s worth restoring the human skills which were once the only way to showcase talent! Grab opportunities to stay grounded with handicrafts.

7. Handmade products help artists to carry on.

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Last but not the least, handmade is good to go not just because of the factors mentioned earlier but also because it truly gives local artisans support to live and make beautiful handicrafts and you’re helping artisan’s livelihoods by making a sensible decision to redistribute wealth, which ultimately makes you happy and fulfilled.

Wonderwheel store understands the value of handmade products, supports and welcomes local artisans to showcase their beautifully handcrafted goods. People from across the country can acknowledge them and appreciate the beauty of handicrafts. We provide a variety of handicrafts from vendors all across India, you just have to think, ask, and tada! you got your exclusive handicrafts at your doorstep! 

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