Mother’s Day is literally less than a month away and this is one of the most special occasions to make your mother feel really loved and special. It is that day where you can shower your mum with all the love and gifts and make her feel the happiest on this very special day. Now, if you are really confused and skeptical about what should you get for your mom then you don’t have to worry or stress out, we have got you all covered. A gift becomes really precious and special when it has a personal touch to it. So here, we have got you a bundle of exciting and really special Handmade products that you can gift your mom and make her the happiest on this Mother’s Day. You can find a variety of products on

1. Quilling Frames:

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Frames and Wall displays are one of the best ones to gift your mom. And the most beautiful and special ones are the Quilling frames that would add a special touch. You can check out our Quilling frames and can also get a personalized letter quilling frame to gift your mom and make her feel special.

2. Replica Dolls:

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Replica Dolls or 3d miniatures are the little human versions that make a great gift for someone really special. Make your mum feel really happy and special by gifting her the mini version of herself that she can always keep with her, which will always remind her of you.

3. Jewellery:

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One of the most loved by all our moms is her special collection of handmade jewelry that she loves to wear and flaunt and what can be better than gifting her a really special handmade neckpiece or earrings on this very special day. You can find a huge collection of beautiful handmade neckpieces, earrings, and other accessories.

4. Trinket Box:

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Trinket Box or Jewelry Box is small adorable boxes that can be used to keep your accessories or jewelry in it without them getting misplaced or lost. It would be a perfect gift for your mom and she will love it for sure for gifting her with such a beautiful yet useful product.

5. Explosion Box or Gift Box:

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Explosion Boxes or Handmade Gift Boxes are literally the most perfect and special gift wherein you can put all the favorite things that your mom loves and gift her the entire box and make her the happiest. You can find all sorts of handmade customized boxes according to your requirements only on Wonderwheel Store.

6. Personalized Embroidery Masks:

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Masks have now become a huge part of our lives and a part of our fashion statement as well. And who said that a gift cant be something that can be used regularly? In fact, this special personalized embroidery mask will be a perfect gift for all moms who love to style their outfits with matching accessories.

7. Purse and Clutches:

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Purses are must-haves in every woman’s life. They are one of those things that your mom won’t leave your house without carrying. We have got a really nice and trendy collection of bags, purses, and clutches that are beautifully handcrafted that you can gift your mom and treat her with all the happiness on this special day.

Considering that only a day to express your love and feelings towards your mom is not enough, it’s a lovely idea to keep her pampered with all the love and happiness every day and surprising her with gifts on some days. But for this very special day, you should make her feel the most special, loved and happiest for all the love and care that she pours in for her always and forever.

Wonderwheel store supports handmade artists and vendors by promoting the concept of handmade and sustainable buying. All our products are completely handmade with nothing but love by all our artists and they would love if you could appreciate their hard work and their efforts that they have put in to make their every product equally beautiful and special.

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