It is always important to give the right credits to the people who deserve it. Wonderwheel Store is happy to announce the launch of our new blog series “Artist Stories” which will cover interviews and stories from artists across India. Our aim is to highlight the unique art forms from different corners of India along with stories of the artists keeping these art forms alive. This series will be called the Artist Stories- The beautiful journey of our artist and the first one to be featured on this is Ms. Preeti Kapur, who is the owner of the store The Artchic Hut who has an amazing collection of necklaces and earrings that are absolutely gorgeous. Here is a little conversation that we had with them and we are so happy to have them as a part of our beautiful venture.

1. Who is behind The Artchic Hut? A little info about founder and team.
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It won’t be correct on my part to name a person or credit myself for being the face behind Artchic hut, behind the logo, there are a lot of blessings of people who are associated or who gave me a chance to serve them with my passion. Universe ushered in its blessings and made me the person behind the logo. I’ve been a teacher for a decade, my team has my husband who owns a tourism business, and love and hard work acceleration of my children and loved ones.

2. How did your passion for Jewelry making begin?
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Since my senior secondary years, I was interested in designing and crafting. My interest turned into my passion when I use to take out time to design and make jewelry after a hectic day managing myself at school and home. It was really therapeutic yet required a lot of patience.

3. How did you come up with the idea of starting this business?
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During the lockdown, one afternoon I was sitting and reflecting back on my life, I realized my wish to reach out to people with my talent. After a lot of diligence come out Artchic hut – a business platform that helps me to connect my work with people who value this talent also helps people to get in real whatever design they have in mind because Artchic Hut does customized jewelry too.

4. How long have you been in this field, please share the experience and the difficulties that you face.
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It’s been more than a decade since I’m into this field but business-wise, Artchic hut is going to celebrate its first anniversary in April.

5. What is your vision for The Artchic Hut in the coming times?
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I see Artchic Hut covering all the parts of our country in the coming years. I wish people to connect to my dedication, support, and cherish my local business.

6. Is there a specific cause that you promote through your Handmade products and the business?
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I have this vision of empowering women and others who think with a full-time job of managing work, family, and children one can still pursue one’s dream by turning it, into a passion.

7. What is that one thing you would like to share with people that would promote the idea of buying Handmade Products?

Handmade jewelry selling gave air around my wings to fly, I had wings with people connecting to my work, which made me realize them validating and respecting my work. Hand-made jewelry isn’t only made with hands but with lots of love and blessings for the one who’ll wear and flaunt it.

You can find all creations by The Artchic Hut here.

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