Origami projects reflect the patience and perseverance of the artist. It takes a lot of time to complete an origami model as each creation is different. It takes multiple nested sinks, extensive pre-creasing and collapses (where many creases come together at once) to complete a particular model. Each fold is dependent on the previous fold; one wrong fold and the model won’t be completed. When you purchase an Origami model, you not only appreciate the project, but also honor the time and effort invested behind the project by the creator.

Using Origami in your home-décor isn’t just good for you; it’s good for our planet too. Together, we are cutting down on waste, lowering our energy emission and creating a sustainable environment.

Maintain the look of your place without having to compromise on style and quality with more environment-friendly products. Listed below are some modern-day use of Origami to curate some quirky and cute projects to add to the look of your place.

1. Origami Pikachu

Wonderwheelstore 15 Original

Your yellow friend is back! Timeless and classic, Pikachu is one of the most loved cartoon characters. Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This Mini 3D Origami Pikachu is such a cutie! Made using 260 triangles, this Origami is the first of its kind and will instantly make your heart happy! Add this to your collection of home-décor to give your room a striking look.

2. Origami Bear

Wonderwheelstore 15 3d Origami Bear By Xxmystic Heartxx D5sm0ue Fullview 1

Is your room looking tired? Sometimes all it needs is an Origami model to bring back all the fun. This Origami Bear is sure to give a quick and easy makeover to your room. Use this as a part of your room-décor or give it away as a gift, it will always stand out for its creativity.

3. Origami Vase

Wonderwheelstore 15 71fb0f898eee8e6565ebda5bcee9c5f6 1

This Origami vase is a game changer. Use it on its own or use it to keep flowers, it will still transform your room and make an impact. This vase is made using 3300 triangular pieces. Yes, you heard it right! All the pieces are glued together for better resistance and long-life. Minimal yet effective, this vase is perfect to fill a corner.

4. Origami Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Wonderwheelstore 15 Download

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try something different? 3D Origami Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse will instantly add a quirky yet sophisticated feel to your place. This will highlight the area that is often overlooked and will instantly upgrade the space. This not only qualifies to be an ideal home-décor but also fulfils its duty as a unique gift for Disney lovers!  

5. Origami Minion

Wonderwheelstore 15 664adc9c79c2b9da878807110fefa67e

You are one in a ‘Minion’ like our 3D Origami Minion. This eye-catching Origami model will instantly add interest to your room with its uniqueness. This is perfect to complement the rest of your home-décor, and will complete the look in seconds. You can even gift these Origami Minion Keychains to your friends.

6. Origami Couple Dolls

Wonderwheelstore 15 Maxresdefault 6

If you are looking for a serene atmosphere, try including these 3D Origami Couple Dolls in your home-décor. This will help you in adding a tropical-chic look to your place. These are just mini-makeovers with maximum impact. These can instantly transform a previously unloved corner to the most favourite place of the house!

7. Origami Palm Tree

Wonderwheelstore 15 Maxresdefault 7

To give your room a fresh look, get your hands on this Origami Palm Tree! This will instantly refresh your room, and give you tropical vibes. To complete the entire look, you can pair this with the Tropical Origami Couple Dolls, and it will just be perfect! No other part of your house will beat this combination!

Wonderwheel Store encourages artists throughout our country to follow their dreams and curate such unique, never-seen before artworks. When you buy from us, you directly honour these artists and get them closer to their dreams. When you purchase an Origami model, you not only pay for the product, but you also acknowledge the efforts invested in curating the same. Check out our website for more of such amazing artworks created with nothing, but love just for you.

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