You fold a paper into four, and voila, you have a boat! Now open it, and fold it into half, and repeat the same, now you have an aero plane! It’s crazy how a single piece of paper can be transformed into anything within seconds. A thin sheet of paper is not very strong in itself, in fact it is so thin that it can be crumbled within seconds. But, when it is joined together to form a shape, it becomes one of the strongest structures. Unity in strength, quite literally! Well, that’s because the whole structure is governed by scientific and mathematical principles that work just as fine for paper as they do for any other material. What was once thought to be child’s play is now having implications beyond our reach.

How did it all start?

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Origami, as we call it today, derives its name from ‘Ori’ meaning folding, and ‘Kami’ meaning Paper. The history behind this beautiful art is quite difficult to trace, as it is believed that it started in Japan, but was based on an earlier tradition from China. China was introduced to paper around 105 A.D., and it is believed that it did not share its secret of paper-making with the rest of the world. Origami eventually found its way in the Japanese culture as a Buddhist monk from China carried this secret with him to Korea and Japan. While paper is considered a common commodity now, it was believed to be quite luxurious back then, and thus Origami was practised only by the Elite.

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However, ‘Origami’ in itself is a modern creation. Back then in the Edo Period, it was called ‘Orisue’ or ‘Origata’ which literally meant ‘folded setting down’. Arsing from the same root word, it later went on to take the name ‘Oru’ and then ‘Orimono’ which meant ‘to fold’ and ‘folded thing’ respectively, before it took its present name which means ‘folded paper’. The reasons for change in its name have been attributed to various reasons, one being easiness of writing, and assuming the other to be a very precise meaning.

Some Thoughtful Origami Uses:

1. Festive Décor:

With Festivals just around the corner, decorate your place with some Origami. Origami flowers are perfect to start with. These can be used by the door or can be used as wall-décor. You can even use these Origami flowers to give away as memento and mark the significance of the event. Origami Fish are perfect for hanging as Christmas tree ornaments. The fish was an early symbol for Christianity, because Christ was a ‘fisher of men’. You can use Origami Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Origami as Origami Christmas Décor to create a beautiful look around the house.

2. Gifts:

Origami gifts are unique for many reasons. Each Origami model has a story associated with it making it all the more special. Giving an Origami Heart to someone is a simple act but speaks volume. Giving an Origami model to someone is a simple way of saying ‘I love you’. These models will make their way into your heart in no time with their intricacy, design and creativity.

3. Home Décor:

Looking to revamp your place a bit? Look no further than Origami decorative items to help you through the journey of giving your place a new look. Fun, playful and versatile, these will instantly add personality to your home. For a minimalist look, arrange these Origami figures sparingly and you can subtly dramatize the arrangement by varying these figures to draw your eye to one focal point in a room.

Just as Origami has never-ending implications, our website has never-ending unique artworks designed by our local artists. These projects are created to match the unique style of each consumer. All the products on our website are thoroughly handmade and true to their style. These products translate to love; the love that is transferred to you via the artworks from our artists. Checkout Wonderwheel Store for more of such amazing stories and products; and stay tuned for Part 2 of this amazing art!

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