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Shukriti was born out of the thought that stroked during an ice breaking session wherein a fellow participant shared her life experiences and how she came up with her own business idea. String of thoughts that followed, helped me in finding my passion and love for my art and hence came up the idea of “shukriti“. Shukriti stands for shubhika’s ‘kriti‘ i. e. creativity. The idea behind shukriti is gifting a personalized and handcrafted item so that your loved ones can feel all the more loved. A personalized gift not only talks about the sweet gesture but encapsulates some sweet memories of the relationship which can neither be replaced nor erased. These items are handmade with LOVE, CARE and attention to details is the perfect fit made just for YOU. Our tagline says it all, you have a thought, you come to us, and we transform your thought into a gift.

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