A unique market for your artistic creations.

WonderwheelStore.com is an online marketplace to buy and sell handmade products made locally by independent artists, artisans and craftspeople across India. We provide a platform for the artists to reach customers all over India and sell directly to them. The online platform makes the buying and selling process streamlined as well as secure and helps increase sales for our artists.

It is a one stop shop for handcrafted products for Gifting, Home Decor, Accessories, Jewellery, Personalized Customized Art and many more.

Our aim is to create a community of artists that promotes creativity and helps turn your ideas into a thriving business. We are providing a market where millions of buyers across India have access to unique, exquisite products from across India


The Idea


You have an Idea! You realize you can create a product at home or with friends, but dont know how to reach your buyers.

Open Our Store


Head Over to wonderwheelstore.com and set up your own online store that can be accessed by buyers across India.

Upload Products


Create and upload your products on the store along with product details and information.

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We market your products and reach out to customers from across India.Once your product is bought, We handle all the shipping logistics


Wide range

We bring in a wider range of unique and creative products from craftsmen across India


Most products you will find on WW are not mass manufactured. Thus giving you exclusive pieces of unique designs

Support small businesses

By buying on WW you will support small businesses and help them grow profit.

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One market

One market for arts and crafts from across India, delivered to your doorstep.

Refreshing designs and products

Refreshing designs and products, which are different from the ones found in retail stores.

Affordable Prices

We bring in products from across India to your homes at affordable prices


At Wonder wheel we aim to create a healthy selling environment for our vendors. We want to create a space where vendors from across India, can set up a store and reach a wide and versatile consumer base.

Wonderwheel store will help you increase your reach to a wider and more versatile market via targeted marketing.

Provides a platform that takes care of all your online business needs.Provides a streamlined platform to help you interact with your customers and provide the best experience for the customer and you.

Reducing operational effort and costs. All you need to do is sit back and work on creating new products.

Provides you with analytics, metrics and statistics based on your sales (For example age, gender, demographics of your top customers) that can help you design or market your products in the future.

Wonderwheel’s first priority is to improve your sales. We can advice you on strategies to use for improving your profit margins and growing your business.

Low commision and listing rates for all our sellers.

Customers reviews

Best handmade products available. Amazing gift ideas for your loved ones. Quick Support. Loved their service

Nawaf Gantare
Nawaf Gantare

If you're searching for a store with beautiful handmade art and handcrafted goodies then this is it.

Minita Gaonkar
Minita Gaonkar

It is a best place to buy handmade gifts for your loved ones.

Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh

One stop fot all personalized products. Looking forwards for more purchases. Keep it up.

Rohan Doijode
Rohan Doijode

Thank you wonderwheel store for providing a platform that supports pure handmade arts and crafts.

steffi joseph
steffi joseph

I recently bought a quilling art from Wonderwheelstore and I really liked it.

Gayathri Bharathan
Gayathri Bharathan

Great biz! - always happy to support companies that support these independent creators and artists. I got my delivery on time and am happy with my purchase. I would recommend them for all types of buyers - hopefully others like me can find cool unique pieces for themselves or their homes!

Dheer Barua
Dheer Barua

store covers almost every product category... home decor, accessories, gifts, wall decors, etc.. i absolutely love it.

christy marokhi
christy marokhi

One stop destination to buy creative and unique handmade articles. Their products are best of its kind. By gifting these handmade products, you support a true artist who loves what he does. So go and create a direct relationship with the artist/ designer of the product and give a perfect gift to your loved ones.

shraddha mundra
shraddha mundra

The products are very creative and very beautiful. Should try the products for sure. There is a huge variety of products too.

sanjana menon
sanjana menon

A really good ecommerce platform which is very unique as here the prefence is given to get the artists and the sellers more than finding the buyer. Handmade crafts and art are very precious and holds sentimental value so having a store dedicated to only handmade stuff is such a unique idea.

Trina Chanda
Trina Chanda

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