Replica Dolls are the ultimate personalized gift for your loved one. These are customized sculptures that are a tiny version of your loved ones. Our artists convert your photographs into 3d models using different techniques. Whichever version you choose to gift, they are bound to make an impact. You can get these shipped anywhere in India.
They make for a lifetime keepsake and also add life to any desk or room décor. These cute little minis will immediately bring a smile to everyone’s face and also automatically become conversation starters.
These replica dolls come in various types, sizes, materials, and styles. There are also multiple methods of making these. We have 3d printed replica dolls as well as hand-carved replica dolls. You can get single replica dolls or couple replica dolls or replica dolls of the entire family. These options are available across a wide price range. The prices vary based on the method of manufacturing. The handcrafted toys take more time to get all the intricate details on point. The 3d printed dolls are fast and robust to manufacture.

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