Wish to give a makeover to your place that keeps in line with your religious beliefs? Look no further than our wide range of religious products inspired by various teachings that will not only help you revamp your room but will also keep your beliefs intact. Our home is an extension of our style, and these products respect that in every sense. They add a contemporary feel to your space, breathe a little life into the room, and give a makeover to your walls. If you’re looking for an addition to your shrine, or a thoughtful gift, or just a wall-décor, then don’t miss out on this list of products that will serve your purpose and do the job for you!

1. Lord Krishna:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf014 Krishna Flute Stencil Frame

Lord Krishna is worshiped as a supreme God in Hinduism. We’ve all grown up listening to numerous stories of Lord Krishna about how he was a butter-thief, how there was an entire universe in his mouth, and how he defeated his mama Kansa. Relive those memories with our wide range of Lord Krishna stencil photo frames. These are acrylic artworks made with laser cut and a wooden finish fiber frame. You can also experience the eternal love of Radha and Krishna with our Radha Krishna paintings. You can even get your nameplates customized with acrylic artwork in the background.

2. Lord Shiva:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf030 Shiva On Ice Stencil Frame

Lord Shiva or Maha Dev (Greatest of all Gods), is considered to be the most divine among all Hindu Gods. Worshiping Lord Shiva keeps one’s mind calm and balanced and keeps sorrows at bay. Enlighten your place with rich stencil frames of Lord Shiva. The divine Trishul held by Lord Shiva is polyvalent and rich and is said to represent various trinities. You can also get your hands on these Shiva Trishul photo frames to enrich your place further. These photo frames will instantly incorporate calmness into your place and will lift the tone of your house in no time!

3. Lord Ganesha:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf009 Hibiscus Ganesha Stencil Frame

Lord Ganesha is the harbinger of happiness (Sukhkarta), remover of sorrows (Dukhharta), and eliminator of obstacles (Vighnaharta). Bring the blessings of Lord Ganesha in your home with these beautiful Ganpati stencil frames. You can hang it above your door, in the living room, or in your shrine to make it look more lively and holy. You can select your stencil frame from Pali Ganpati or Ballaleshwar Ganpati, an acrylic painting of Lord Ganesha, or a Lord Ganesha quilling frame.

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf029 Shivaji Maharaj Stencil Frame

India’s one of the most enlightened rulers, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is a legend of all times. His stupendous achievements carved him a unique place in the annals of this nation. Celebrate our beloved King with this beautiful Shivaji Maharaj stencil frame. You can also go for Shivaji’s Rajmudra photo frame– The Royal Seal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. These will instantly glorify your room and will give it a polished look.

5. Tridevi:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf016 Lakshmi Devi Stencil Frame

The Tridevi is the holy trinity of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Parvati, and Goddess Lakshmi. Enrich your place with Goddess Saraswati Painting- the divine feminine deity. This pre-framed painting of Maa Saraswati is perfect to place on a wall or a shrine at home. You can also enlighten your place with the Goddess of wealth and prosperity- Maa Lakshmi. This Goddess Lakshmi stencil frame will illuminate your house by being the perfect addition to your shrine and will also make for a thoughtful gift.

6. Lord Mahavir:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Ac Aceff180235 1

Lord Mahavir always stressed believing in soul and karma. His sayings inspire every fiber of one’s being. This Lord Mahavir stencil frame will help you calm your mind and soul. It is soothing and pleases the eye. This will help you in getting a collected look feel throughout the home. If you’re looking for a gift that speaks to your loved ones’ beliefs, keep this on your radar.

7. Swami Samarth:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf028 Swami Samarth Stencil Frame

Swami Samarth, the divine incarnation of Shri Dattatreya, was a supreme Indian spiritual master who touched many lives. He is still celebrated with the same enthusiasm and zeal. If you know someone who’s a strong believer of Shri Swami Samarth, then our Swami Samarth stencil frame is sure to win their heart. If you yourself are one, then this beautiful stencil frame will make a great addition to the ensemble of your divine unit set.

8. Lord Jesus:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 25 Acessf012 Jesus Stencil Frame

Jesus, son of God and our savior taught us to live and died to save us from sin and death. Let us honor our savior with this beautiful Jesus stencil frame. The teachings of Lord Jesus are timeless, healing, and power-filled truths, and this frame will help us relive those teachings. A great addition to your unit or a perfect gift, this stencil frame is sure to keep you on the right track with its divinity.

9. Gautam Buddha:

Wonderwheelstore 07 Wonderwheelstore 24 Acessf004 Buddha Globe Stencil Frame

A philosopher, a mendicant, a meditator, and a spiritual teacher, Gautam Buddha is worshipped for his enlightenment and passage into Nirvana. Gautam Buddha taught us the way of life, the compassion that knew no bounds, and the importance of truth. These beautiful stencil frames of Gautam Buddha will help you invoke his teachings and will instantly get the whole look in your place in no time!

10. Addition to the ensemble:

Wonderwheelstore 13 Wonderwheelstore 24 Acessf005 Gau Mata Stencil Frame

Get the whole look together with some basic additions to your ensemble. Get your hands on these calming photo frames that will go a long way in making the difference. These are perfect for your studio, drawing room, or shrine. These are minimal but very impactful in putting the whole look together. These OM photo frames will be perfect to put in your study or meditation room, and these Yoga photo frames can serve as your source of daily motivation to work out.

We hope our handpicked list of religious photo frames helped you navigate through the process of revamping and decorating. Wonderwheel Store is never short on ideas or products. Make sure you check out this space for more ideas on how to give your room a makeover on a budget or how to select a perfect gift. All our products are handmade by artists across India. When you purchase from us, you encourage them to pursue their dreams. We’re your one-stop destination for all your home-décor, wall-décor, and gifting needs. Stay tuned and keep checking this space for more!

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