Are you planning a makeover of your living room? Bedroom, or dining room? our articles can help you and decide on that the best way to elevate any room or space in your house is with wall decor items. Frame displays, wall art, Dream catchers, photo frames, and portraits, illustrations & sketches. All you need is a little imagination and some guides to how and which wall decor to use. Explore some ways of brightening a room or using wall art pieces of different sizes to fill the empty wall. Then you can choose the best items that go well with the design aesthetic. And more importantly, they should fit your personality.  Wonderwheelstore.com has something for every style.

Wall Frame:


The perfect wall frame for all the people with those extra chill vibes. Add a classy & funky look to your walls with our amazing range of wall decor products, you’ve probably played with the thought of beautifying your walls with beautiful frames.

Dream Catcher:

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This beautiful dream catcher is a wall hanging art decorative with Feathers. It is believed to give the owner Positive and peaceful dreams. We have more than a hundred dream catchers for you. They are dazzling. They are delicate. They are intriguing. They are interesting.

Canvas Painting:

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If you are here, we assume that you have just moved into your new house. Or you are searching for some makeover tips or housewarming gift ideas for one of your friends. Either way, we are here to help you find the best personalized family canvas painting for the ones you care about This personalized family canvas compliments your humble garden and yard. Among the plants and blooming’s that you and your kids have spent great effort on.  what do you think of our list? These personalized family canvas paintings can fit many places in your home, both indoor and outdoor. From the hallway, living room to your backyard or garden, the can paintings and out and jazz up your living space. And they can be perfect gifts too! You will have a lovely gift for a wedding or housewarming party of your loved ones or neighbor

Cross Stitch Wall Hanging:

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This lovely wall hanging will add a noticeably different addition to any room in your home and is guaranteed to stand out and make a statement.Wall hanging is made of MDF material with cross-stitched design in various shapes and thread colors to match your mood. These all are crafted by tribal women after putting in days of labor in designing the shapes and then do cross-stitching by threads to give stunning looks. They are all tailored and made to suit your choice.

Theme Wall Clock:

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Do you have a wall that needs a decorative element to bring your room to life? When designers talk about wall decor or home decorators are considering adding something to their walls, very few consider using a clock and opt for a water or oil painting or photos or another form of artwork. Clocks are a great accessory piece and give a functional touch to a room. With the various shapes and sizes and design choices available finding one that works with your decor is almost effortless. Decorative clocks have again gained popularity because they’re easier to place on a hard to decorate wall than the other forms of wall decor. The best thing about wall clocks as an embellishment to your home is that they are easy to hang and almost everyone can do it with ease; it just takes a little bit of common sense. If the clock is heavy try to hang it from a stud.

Wonder wheel Store has always got your back so that you remain sorted on the gift front! We have a huge collection of products that are perfect for every occasion! You can select the products or have them custom made as per your needs. These products are brought to you by our talented artisans who handcraft them for you keeping your choices in mind. Make sure to keep checking out this space for more ideas and unique products!

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