Your house is a representation of you and who does not want a well-decorated space? Decorating your house does not always have to be expensive if you have someone to guide you through the process. What may seem like a big task is indeed a lot of small details that puts everything into place. It is the things that we think do not matter, matter the most. We have gathered some incredibly unique ideas that may help you to spruce up your place in a way you have never thought of before. Make your dreams a reality with these gorgeous room-décor ideas. All the products listed here are handmade with nothing but love, and thus will help you add a more personalized touch to your place.

1. Scented Candle:

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Shake things up a bit and revamp your room with our scented candles. These candles can transform your room into an island you have always wanted to visit, with their room-filling fragrance. Candles are the most simple yet the most effective room-décor. This is a game-changing idea that will help you incorporate nature into your room.

2. Concrete Pendant Lamp:

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Wake up to those beautiful walls containing these lamps and you will not regret your decision of putting them up. These are so minimal yet so impactful. These lamps spark creativity in all aspects and can be used in literally any corner of the house, be it the bedroom, the kitchen, over the dining table, the living room, or even the bathroom. It can never go wrong! 

3. Ceramic Vase:

Ceramic pottery never goes out of style! It truly is timeless. Use them on their own or use them to keep flowers, they will still be the best home-décor you can invest in. They help you in adding a little pop to your room and inspires your creativity. It looks like you have taken a lot of efforts in decorating the room, where indeed it’s the pottery that has worked its magic! 

4. Bottle Décor:

Add personalized touches to your room with Bottle Art. It adds a warmth to the room. You cannot help but be drawn to this incredible Art that hangs by the room. These will surely leave you enthralled with their charm. They do their magic no matter where they are placed.

5. Planter:

Wonderwheelstore | 31 | Plant 14

Don’t be static and make over the top-style statement with these planters. These will not only brighten up your room but will also provide an energetic shade. There is something about plants that spreads positivity and calmness. Your home is a place where you should feel happy and secured and these planters will surely make you feel so! You can decorate your room with wall-planters or floor-planters, and both will help you incorporate calmness into your room.

Wonderwheel Store brings to you the best of artworks that match your personality. You can select from a plethora of products unique to your style. Artists throughout our country have curated these designs and products with nothing but love! All the products on our website are thoroughly hand-made. Our designs are as unique as you are, and we offer a wide range of products right from clocks, paintings, coasters, planters, pottery, to bottle art, candles, mugs, rugs, keychains, accessories, passport covers… and what not!

When you buy products from Wonderwheel Store, you directly support our talented local artists who have made the products with utmost love and affection just for you. You can find a wide range of Dreamcatchers, Concrete Art Products, Planters, Wall Décor, and more of such amazing collection on our website.

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