The Living Room is considered one of the most important parts of our house. This is because it’s the first space seen by anyone who enters our house. Now making changes or transforming the living room may seem like a task for us as we get very confused with the color theme and what to put and whatnot, how to keep it simple yet elegant, etc and many more such question arises in our minds. You don’t have to worry now! We have listed a few beautiful and elegant products that you could use to beautify your living room and the specialty is that they are completely handcrafted and handmade with all the love of various artists. So it is surely an add on for us. So let us check out the products that can be put up in your living room-

1. Decorative Handpainted Plates:

Wonderwheelstore 20 Decorative Plate

These beautiful decorative plates are a very good add on for your living room. It not only makes your room bright but makes the room very elegant and pleasing. With lavish patterns on these plates, they can be used to hang on walls and will be an amazing product for your living room. You can check out a wide range of amazing handmade decor plates on our website.

2. Customized Frames:

Wonderwheelstore 20 Nameplate

These are another amazing range of products that can be used for your living room. Custom made plates with your name or anything that you wish to put in is such a great thing. We have a big collection of some nameplates and custom plates to choose from and make your living room more colorful and amazing.

3. Wall Hangings:

Wonderwheelstore | 26 | Zesre 78 Copy

Wall Hangings are the best part of the living room. It just automatically makes the room so so beautiful and full of colors. Now you have got so many options to choose from. You could choose to put walling hangings of your favorite photographs or maybe some decorative piece of wall hanging or even some beautiful quilled or embroidered wall art. You can check out a wide range of amazing and beautiful handmade wall hangings on our website.

4. Coasters:

Wonderwheelstore 20 Blue Coaster

Coasters are literally an essential part of every house. It not only makes the place look more elegant but also helps to keep the tables or the surfaces clean and tidy, which otherwise would have tea or coffee stains. We have a great collection of tea coasters that can be a perfect add-on to your living room decor which is very useful and at the same time makes the place look so nice.

5. Paintings:

Wonderwheelstore | 17 | 1 2

Paintings and frames just naturally brighten up our room. Having a nice painting in your living room makes it even more beautiful and magnificent. It could be a painting or abstract art or any of your favorite characters from shows or a smile painting with a punch of bright colors in it. You can check out some amazing collection of paintings that will brighten up your living room for sure.

6. Desk/ Wall Clocks:

Wonderwheelstore 20 Dexterous Clock

Any living room is just so incomplete with a clock, be it a desk clock or a wall clock. A clock is just a must and what if you get a beautiful set of options to choose from like the concrete desk ones or the wall clocks then you would surely love it, isn’t it? You can check out this beautiful range of clocks that are completely handmade by our artists and we have got a variety of them.

These are a few products that can help you transform your living room into a more beautiful and elegant space to be in and no doubt everyone is going to love your collection.

Wonderwheelstore has a wide range of products like clocks, paintings, coasters, decor plates, and many more such beautiful handmade products that to can have a look at and choose from in this amazing and bright collection. Every product that you see on our website is completely handcrafted by various artist throughout our country and are made with utmost care and love.

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