We are extremely happy to announce our artists and vendors who are so talented and make such amazing handmade creations. The next one for our Artist Series is Ms. Geetanjali who owns Crafic Echoes. Craftic Echos has a really beautiful collection of Quilling products, from frames to earrings and so many more. Here is a little conversation that we had with her regarding the whole journey that she had to reach the position she is now at and we are more than happy to have a part of our extremely talented and amazing artists.

1. Who is behind Craftic Echoes? A little info about founder and team.
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I’m the founder and the only person behind the name Craftic Echoes. I’m a quilling and Calligraphy artist customizing handmade products and helping out others to learn these art forms. Apart from working as a freelancer and art instructor, I’m pursuing MSc in Mathematics from Delhi University and practicing different Calligraphy scripts.

2. What is your main motive behind this business?
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For me, it’s a way to share my art and knowledge with others, provide them with more options for affordable & unique customized gifts, and most importantly, stay regular with practicing and creating art.

3. How did you come up with the idea of starting this business?
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Initially, it started as a hobby and interest to learn more. But, displaying my products as part of an exhibition gave me the confidence to create an online store and share my work and knowledge with others.

4. How long have you been in this field, please share the experience and the difficulties that you face.
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My journey started with exhibiting my products in October 2019 where I got my first earnings, which led to the creation of ‘Craftic Echoes’ in March 2020 and many online stores in the same year. Creating a page and being regular with the posts has helped me to improve my skills and make something new. Apart from creating quality content, I also needed to pay attention to a lot of things like clicking an attractive picture, taking care of the display, increasing network range, packaging, shipping, etc.
The major problems I faced were in packaging, especially for the glass frames as they are fragile and need to be transported carefully. Also, searching for perfect shipping services was quite a task. But, these problems are quite common, and now I have learned a lot from all the experiences I have had and I am looking forward to the new ones, to learn more and create new products.

5. What is your vision for Craftic Echoes in the coming times?
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I would like to introduce more products to my store, start my own website, reach more people, increase sales, and be known for my work.

6. Is there a specific cause that you promote through your Handmade products and the business?
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Nothing specific, but just wanted to let people know that they should think of buying more handmade products as it really motivates artists like us to do more and create more such good artworks. It also supports the local artists and boots the local economy.

7. What is that one thing you would like to share with people that would promote the idea of buying Handmade Products?
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I think the best thing about handmade products is, you can get it customized as per your choice. It is always great adding a personal touch to a gift or a decorative one!

You can find all the creations by Craftic Echoes here!

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