Corona Virus pandemic has changed everyone’s life in the most drastic way. Never would have someone imagined to face such a deadly disease in their life. It’s going to be a year since the first outbreak of this virus in China. Ever since it got so serious we have been trying our best to stay at home and take utmost precautions in order to not get in contact with this deadly virus. However, it is impossible to stay at home forever, many of them have to work and they need to travel. So it is very important for everyone to follow certain measures that will at least help them to protect themselves. Here are the two most essential things that everyone should own in order to be safe and sound.

1. Masks:

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Masks have become one of the most important things today. You just can’t leave your home without a mask. Just like the way we wear clothes and accessories, wearing masks have become the new normal. It not only protects us but it helps in reducing the amount at which the virus is getting spread. As there has been an increase in the use of masks, it is very important for us to use the masks which can be reused and which will not add on to the waste in the environment.

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The one-time use of masks has increased the amount of waste and it is harming the environment very badly. So, we have to make the right choice and go for cotton handmade reusable masks which are not only environmentally friendly but very comfortable. We have a huge and amazing collection of 2-layer and 3- layers masks for adults as well as cute masks for kids as well, so no compromise on safety and fashion as well.

2. Masks and Sanitizer Stand:

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COVID -19 has undeniably brought a major change in the life of every person. For a long time, the country was under lockdown, and therefore social distancing was easy but with the unlock in progress, it has become a challenge to prevent human contact as much as it is required.

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One thing that we all use every day is a mask, it has become mandatory in almost all places and we advise to wear a mask when going out even if it is not mandatory in your area. All the doctors advise using the mask only once and wash or sanitize them before using them But when we keep on one table or some other place the mask may get contaminated which can be very dangerous and wearing a sanitized or wet mask is just out of question.

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The mask stand has been designed using modern minimal design techniques. This is to ensure maximum utilization of space without compromising any points in safety or quality. The mask stand stands to be our latest weapon in the fight against corona. We also provide the option of engraving any design on the board so that you can make sure that your mask stand is unique to you.

Wonderwheel Store has a wide range of products that are absolute COVID essentials. There is a huge variety of masks with a lot of bright colors and prints as per your liking. The mask and sanitizer stands are really a need during these times and a must-have. So check out all our COVID essentials on our website. We all need to take the utmost measures to protect ourselves and the ones around us. Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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