We are very happy to announce our next vendor for the ‘Artist Series’ that we have started in order to let you ll know the faces behind the beautiful artworks and creations on our website. The story shared by our vendor is very interesting and very special as well. ZESRE is founded & managed by Mr. Priyanshu Bhatnagar managing all the operations. The main artworks are done by the tribal women and this is the most special part. We had a small chat with him and he has shared how it all started and how amazing it feels to empower these women and make them independent.

1. What does ZESRE mean?
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The design of the company logo is abbreviated ZESRE with 3 lush dots representing the vision that each product of ZESRE is handmade & crafted. The Brown dot represents wooden & leather items, the Pink dot represents women’s participation & empowerment &the Green dot represents Plantable, Eco friendly &Biologically degradable products. This is so unique and brilliant that one can’t help but delve into it. All ZESRE products are made at village sites where a group of tribal women is busy crafting. The thread work, the painting & wooden machine work polishing are done by them only. They have been trained from scratch are groomed for better & better output. One hour of the office timing is dedicated to their literacy which has yielded charismatic results. They all can read, write &express their thoughts powerfully. They at times give suggestions on improving the design & quality of the products. We have received recognition from Village Panchayats also.“This somewhat reflects our vision.

2. Who is the founder of Zesre and what thought made you take this decision?
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Presently, ZESRE is founded & managed by Priyanshu managing all the operations. Other people who are working for ZESRE are tribal women & we have also tied up with a tribal co-operative for thread work & miniature paintings. We have a team of Volunteers, Designers, Researchers, and Interns. Our mission is to innovate and develop a product that contributes to the betterment of the environment and to work for the cause and care of the economically and socially deprived, to improve their quality of life by providing them with education for livelihood, to bring a positive change in their lives.

3. What was your main goal behind starting Zesre?
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Our overall goal is to improve the lives of marginalized communities. Together we want to build a union where everyone does their small a bit towards safeguarding the earth and providing happiness and livelihood to needy ones.

4. What does Zesre do?
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Colorful, cultured, and effective handicraft is the second-largest source of livelihood in India, after agriculture. It is estimated that every decade nearly 13 percent of millions of artisans from rural India move on from traditional crafts in search of better opportunities in other towns and cities. If this trend continues, traditional Indian craft could be lost in the next few decades. ZESRE’s aim is to present traditional handicraft products in a contemporary style and market them to urban &foreign buyers. This helps us create a livelihood for artisans and thus preserve our traditional craft.

5. In what way do you create opportunities for the tribal women to work and become independent?
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At ZESREwe partner with different NGOs, small micro-enterprises, women entrepreneurs, SHGs (self-help groups) who are already creating some of the products, which we carefully select and source the products. We also provide them with timely design suggestions based on our present online and offline markets through the website, exhibitions, social media, regular retail collaborations that we are involved with. When the product cycle is over we assist them for better living, helping them know about the contemporary demands, the innovative requirements of our customers, hundreds of ways in which they can grow the domain of their business. Apart from that we also encourage them to develop more & more environment-friendly products contributing to the larger social cause. And it also helps us build a chain-like network of responsible citizens.

6. What are the prominent products that you create with the help of the women?
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We make all kinds of handcrafted & personalized wooden and leather products including leather handbags, key chains, wooden trays, wood-jute embroidered coasters,  cross-stitched products, etc.

7. Where do you see Zesre heading to in the coming years?
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ZESRE wants to be among the top nature-friendly and women-empowered businesses globally.

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