Little Known Facts about Dreamcatchers

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Dreamcatchers are diligently woven pieces of craft that are believed to bring good dreams to people. The designs of dream catchers have changed over time, and people have come up with many new designs, colors, and themes. But despite all the new age culture that filtered into this beautiful piece of art, its history and purpose remain the same: to ward off all the bad energy and bad dreams from the sleeping person. People from all around the world love to own and buy dreamcatchers and safeguard their precious sleep. But there are a lot more things that are more interesting than the Dreamcatcher’s purpose. Here are some interesting, little known facts about the dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers came from a Native American Tribe.

Looking at Dreamcatcher’s design and purpose, it might seem to some people that it probably came from a big city where people like to come up with new things and new stories and buzz with artists and creators. But surprisingly, the Dreamcatcher came from deep inside the jungles from a native American Tribe called the Ojibwe. Rooted in culture and tradition, dreamcatchers are ages old.

The original maker of the Dreamcatcher is believed to be SpiderWoman.

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Another interesting fact about dreamcatchers is that a Spiderwoman initially weaved it. This Spiderwoman was believed to be the savior and guardian of the Ojibwe tribe. Slowly the tribe began to expand and started spreading to different parts of the world. Due to this, the Spiderwoman was no longer able to take care of the tribe, which she felt were her children. So she wove an instrument out of her webs and feathers that would keep lousy energy and obstacles away from her tribe. This is meant to be both for adults and children today, but initially, the spider woman made it to safeguard children. That instrument is now popularly known as the Dreamcatcher.

The belief that dreams float in the air led to the creation of the Dreamcatcher:

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We know that the Spiderwoman wanted to safeguard her children, the Objiwe tribe from evil thoughts, bad dreams, and bad energy, but where did all this come from? It is believed that individual dreams, thoughts, and energy float in the air. And that they can enter one’s mind easily when they are sleeping, and hence the spider woman wanted to safeguard her children with dreamcatchers.

The Mechanism of a Dreamcatcher

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A Dreamcatcher is made in a particular way. The center hole of the Dreamcatcher is where all the dreams and thoughts pass through. The web of the Dreamcatcher is where all the bad ones get trapped. The good ones keep passing through the whole and make their way down through the strings. The beads help them down the feathers like ladders, and through the feathers, they slide down into the sleeping person’s mind. Its believed that if it weren’t for the dreamcatchers, bad thoughts would enter the person’s mind more because people tend to lean towards bad things because they are an easier way to pursue.

Dreamcatcher’s as good luck charm

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Due to the belief that it can ward off evil energy, the dreamcatchers were also very widely used as good luck charms. Usually, dreamcatchers were used to safeguard children, but it became widely popular with adults over the years. They are kept in homes just like good luck, charms. Some keep dreamcatcher keychains and wear dreamcatcher jewelry to invite good fortune. Dreams are not necessarily involved in any of these activities, just a bit of faith and lots of fun!

In today’s date, dreamcatchers are so popular that along with being used as wall hangers to ward off bad energy, they are also used as earrings, keychains, necklaces for fashion, aestheticism, photography, charm and more. All of this is because dreamcatchers are beautiful and are believed to be positive, and everybody wants positivity in their lives. A sweet little thing can fill lives with so much happiness. A little piece is signifying so much peace, positivity, and prosperity. Honestly, what a beautiful thing! Wonderwheel Store has a wide and amazing range of dream catchers to select from. Go and buy dreamcatcher one today!!

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