Masks have become a very essential part of our lives now. It is really hard to believe but there was a time when we were roaming out so freely, traveling without restriction and there was nothing to stress about. However, with the spread of this deadly virus, it has now become very important to take care of ourselves and stay safe as much as possible Now that things are changing a bit offices and trains being started it is really important to reduce the spread of the disease to the possible extent. This is only possible when each one of us being a responsible person, wears a mask whenever in a public place and follow all the norms to stay safe and healthy. We have listed some amazing variety of masks that are beautifully handmade and can be reused and that will suit the needs of every person with an add-on of with customizations to it.

1. Plain Cotton Masks:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Plain Cotton Mask

There are some beautiful and subtle looking cotton handmade masks which are really comfortable to wear and perfect for someone who loves plain and solid colors. There is quite a great collection of plain cotton masks that you can have a loot at.

2. Printed Masks:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Printed Masks

Amazing printed masks with bright colors are great ones for someone who loves bright hues and printed patterns. They are completely made from cotton and very easy to wear and carry as they are extremely comfortable and soft.

3. Handpainted Mask:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Handpainted Mask

Handpainted masks are literally so beautiful and with its perfect finishing it adds on to the beauty. These are customizable and can be made according to your likes and designs. What better than a special, handpainted mask to wear.

4. Festive Masks:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Festive Mask

The festive season has already begun with a bang and we are all worried about the plain masks that will make out elegant outfits look dull. But you don’t have to worry anymore, as we have got an amazing and wide range of festive masks that are so bright and beautiful and will look absolutely gorgeous with your festive outfits.

5. Cotton Ear Relief Masks:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Cotton Ear Relief Mask

There are times when we feel uncomfortable wearing the masks all day and our ears start to pain and get a little uncomfortable. We have got amazing handmade cotton ear relief masks that will solve your problem and you can comfortably wear the mask without any pain or irritation.

6. Embroidered Customized Mask:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Embroired Customized Mask

Who doesn’t like personalization on their favourite product? These beautifully embroidered masks can be customized with your names or initials on it and they just look absolutely lovely and very comfortable at the same time.

7. Reversable masks:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Reversable Mask

Can you believe that a mask can be worn on two sides? Like how amazing it is, isn’t it? This mask can be reversed and worn which is such a great thing. One mask with two patterns, absolutely an amazing idea. Check out our beautiful reversible masks on our website.

8. Printed Mask with a Pouch:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Printed Mask With A Pouch

We have got some great collection of printed festive masks that will definitely brighten up your outfit and a cute little embroidered pouch that is just a beautiful add on to the outfit as well. Check out the collection before it gets out of stock.

9. Kids Printed Mask:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Kids Printed Mask

It is a huge task for all parents and elders out there to make the kids and little ones wear a mask. But when the mask has some cute prints and characters that the kids love, it becomes easy to convince them to wear masks. We have some lovely and absolutely adorable collection of kids’ masks that you can check out. on our website.

10. Embroidered Mask:

Wonderwheelstore 27 Embroired Masks

These absolutely gorgeous embroidered masks are such lovely ones and will look so lovely with our traditional outfits. They are made from cotton and very comfortable to wear. Nothing can be better than style and comfort going hand in hand.

Wonderwheel Store has an amazing collection of masks from plain ones to kids mask to festive masks. All the products are completely handmade by various artists from our country. When you buy our products, you directly support all those amazing artists who make these beautiful product with so much of love and efforts.

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