Gifts and presents are such an essential part of our lives. There is no such occasion that goes without giving someone a gift or getting a gift in return. We have a lot of festivals and celebrations or even birthdays and anniversaries where there is huge confusion about getting the right gifts and presents. We have solved your problem and have got an amazing thing which is called as an Explosion Box that is so beautiful and the best part is that it can be customized and made according to one’s own wish. The best part of this is that it is handmade and it adds a personal touch to the product and makes the person feel very special.

An Explosion Box is a box wherein you can put greetings, small gifts, photographs, and chocolates as per your choice. Explosion boxes are kind of the better models of old-fashioned greeting cards. Greeting cards could only carry pictures and a message but these boxes are definitely for the better. The concept of gifting an explosion box has now become very common and loved by everyone. This is because you can put all your favorite things in one box and it looks lovely with the designs and beautiful patterns. When you remove the lid of the explosion box, the box opens up revealing the beautiful greetings and other decorated gifts that are in there.

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Explosion Box is literally the best gift that anyone would ask for. These are simple yet amazing boxes that you can gift your loved ones who love handmade products and particularly something that is customized for them.

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There are various types of explosion boxes that can be made according to the occasion be it any birthday or anniversary or any special occasion for that matter. These boxes can be made with various customization according to your desired color, shape, and size of the box.

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Explosion Box makes a wonderful gift with all sorts of creativity and uniqueness in it. Why gift someone a basic simple greeting card when you can give them this absolutely mind-blowing box with all their favorite things in it. You can put in small greetings, cute little pictures, mini chocolates, cute gifts, and whatnot to make it more appealing and lovely.

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These versatile made boxes send messages and wishes, yet additionally customize the gift with pictures, photographs and have the perfect space for charming the gift more with little endowments like rings, chocolates, pendants, lapel pins, stickers, necklaces, stationery and that’s just the beginning.

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Another incredible thing about these boxes is that they are tastefully satisfying to open, watch, and keep. These come looking like gift boxes and you need to open the cover. And as you open the box, the box falls down into the most lovely and amazing thing ever. A pack of recollections and memories move before you through pictures, little messages, pop-ups, and charming illustrations littered with little extra chocolates and other gifts.

Explosion boxes are thus one of its kind product that is such a great gift that you can give your loved ones for any occasion with complete personalization.

All the products on Wonderwheel Store are handmade with love and affection by artists from all over the county keeping your choices in mind. When you buy the products from Wonderwheel Store, you directly support and motivate those many beautiful artists who create such amazingly unique products for you all. You can check out some beautiful wall and home decor items, personalized products that you can gift, amazing accessories, and many more only on Wonderwheel Store.

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