New Crochet Collection

new crochet collection

Handmade products are a way to show genuine affection and care towards your loved ones when it comes to gifting, yet it’s not limited to gifting but self-care too. Handmade valuable gives you tons of ways to customize it according to your tastes and preferences. Now talking about crochets, wonderful little crafty to relieve your stress and mesmerizing softness of the wool making you crave to play with it. This Made-in-India crochet new collection would make you go Yahoo! Wonderwheelstore didn’t let the beauty of crochet designers fade away and is presenting you our favorite crochet collection which you’ll love and then Yeh Dil Maange More!

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1. Crochet Dreamcatcher- White

Crochet Dc 3

We all know how worthy a dream catcher can be when we are suffering from tiring nights and can’t fall asleep! These new Crochet Dreamcatchers not only are the sign of peace but also soothes the mind and creates positive vibrations in our home that eventually fade the negativity and tiring nights with the beauty of calmness all around our home! Dreamcatchers are thought to offer happiness and positivity, and this white dream catcher with lovely crochet work in the hoop is the perfect way to brighten up your home. Crochet dreamcatcher not only looks good but also makes you feel good! Hurry and grab yours now.

2. Eco-friendly Crochet Box

Cro Box

We all know that crochet not only looks amazing but also it makes you feel good whenever you glance at it. Consumers benefit from these crochet bags since they provide storage for everyday necessities. These baskets add character to your room and serve as attractive catch-all spots for your belongings. These are environmentally sustainable and come in a nice package. Now you’d be thinking that laying out these many benefits would cost you more than ever but worry not my friend, it fits well within your financial constraints, so deri kis baat ki? Grab your little crochet box now!

3. Crochet Keychains (Set of 4)

Cro Key

A handcrafted crochet keychain in different kinds of shapes and sizes, your choice, and these cute little keychains would go with any bag, keys, pouches, etc. This keychain goes well with a wide range of luggage. These cute little keychains give you easy access to all of your keys and keeping them secure and not worrying about the keys anymore. Just grab these crochet keychains and make your keys organized and easily portable without even forgetting it anywhere, handcrafted items, we believe, embody slow fashion and mindful living uniquely.

4.  Crochet Pendant

Cro Pen

Are you always ready to get ready, get set, and go to a party? We’ve all been in a situation where we’re caught between two or three accessories and can’t determine which one best suits our clothes! We’ve got you covered, and with that in mind, we’ve created a beautiful crocheted pendant that will melt your heart the instant you see it. It works with any outfit and any event, and it comes with a bonus: others notice your handcrafted crochet necklace, which you made with intrinsic love and as a tiny show of support for the artists, and they will take the time to compliment you, making you happy and content.

5. Crochet Necklace


Talking about crochet accessories, crocheted neckpieces are a must-have in your accessories set. They are soft, elegant, lightweight, comfortable, and always go well with any type of outfit you wear, which makes the crocheted neckpieces one of a kind! Necklaces are a unique embodiment of beauty personified. Gift your loved ones this beautiful neckpiece and we are sure they’ll hug you a little tighter than ever! 

WonderWheelStore has a new collection of your favorite crochet. Grab your favorite now and showcase your classic choice and flaunt your crochet beauty!

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