While we stay safe and protect ourselves from a pandemic, let’s not start another environmental crisis.

If someone would have asked us to wear a mask during the start of 2020, we would have surely thought that the person is insane for asking us to put a mask. Never would have anyone imagined that wearing a mask will become a necessity one day, and with the situation getting worse day by day, there will come a time when wearing a mask will just become a part of our life and we will have to follow that.

Today, wearing a mask is not only a compulsion but as a responsible person, it is the duty of every person to wear a mask whenever he steps out, not only for himself but for all the other people out there. Now there’s been a lot of confusion out there regarding which masks to wear, which ones are better and which ones are safe, so we would like to help to a bit with the choice of mask one should go for considering every aspect.

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We have been seeing and hearing a lot about how the one-time-use masks have increased the amount of garbage and pollution in our environment and it is just increasing with every day that passes by. Single-use masks are made from polypropylene, plastic that can probably take hundreds of years to decompose. So here is a small tip, one should really prefer wearing handmade and reusable masks which can be used again once they are washed and sanitized. This will surely reduce the waste if not completely, at least to a certain extent. These handmade masks are really soft and comfortable at the same time protect you and lets you breathe, unlike some masks which completely sweats you out and creates.difficulty in breathing too. The usage of reusable masks by the public could avoid tonnes and tonnes of contaminated waste generated in a year.

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If we use handmade masks more then it would be possible for the hospitals and other health care institutions to save up the N95 masks for the health care workers who are dealing directly and very closely with the disease. In fact, hospitals are asking people to choose homemade and handmade masks as they are safer and it is absolutely safe to wear one rather than being without a mask.

In addition to this, reusable cloth masks are much more affordable in the long run and can save you a lot of money. They are more expensive than one-time use masks, but in the long run turn out cheaper than buying a new mask every day. You can find a wide variety of masks here.

Cotton handmade masks are not only reusable but they are totally environment friendly and will help to reduce the tones of waste being created by the single-use masks. As cotton has biodegradable properties, the masks can be easily recycled and then reused without affecting the environment. As cotton is also known for its porousness, there would be no trouble in breathing through cotton handmade masks.

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And let’s not forget, they’ve become a fashion accessory now! With all the designer and funky prints, they complement your clothes and look and add to the aesthetic!

You can find a wide range of cotton, handmade, breathable, reusable masks on www.wonderwheelstore.com. They are available in a variety of prints, colors and sizes. There’s a perfect mask for everyone!

  • Handmade masks last much more than the disposable masks.
  • Breathe comfortably.
  • Environment friendly as it can be reused.
  • Reduces the waste generated and protects the climate and environment.
  • Cotton as a natural material is biodegradable, hence the masks are too biodegradable and so sustainable to use.

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