How would you feel if your voice is being taken away from you? Inarticulate? Insignificant? Unimportant? Trifling? Insubstantial?

How would you feel if you are not allowed to raise your voice and are being suppressed? Inconsiderable? Inferior? Worthless? Immaterial? Nugatory?

Millions of Artists from India feel every bit of these emotions every day. For an artist, their art is their voice, and not being able to express their art is like taking away their voice. Indian Artists are re-defining Art, but we as society fail to understand them. When you go local, you directly support these artists by investing money in a society where you actually live, for you, are a part of this society, and should give back to it, in any way that you can.

There are two sides to every coin. While Globalization has made our world more integrated, it has left the local artists unheard. There’s our world with all the big businesses and MNCs, and then there’s a small island with all the local artists with no connectivity to the outside world.

So, why should we choose Handmade Local Products?

1. For starters, they are handmade.

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Handmade products give you first-hand personal touch. When you buy products from a local artist, you become their voice and add to their worth. You help them get closer to their dreams. Knowing you made a difference by purchasing handmade products gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-realization.

2. They give you value for your money.

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The materials that go into making a handmade product are usually hand-picked and authentic, and thus will give you value for your money. Unlike large manufacturers, local artists invest a great deal of their time in perfecting each artwork to create a true work of art unique to you, shaped with their own hands and not machines.

3. Turn your imagination into reality.

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You can turn your imagination into reality by customizing the artwork. Artists love to know what their customers want, and will make your dream theirs, and will work on the project as their own to make it perfect in every sense. You can customize anything you want. You name it!

4. Culture equals Identity.

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When a culture vanishes, so does the populace. Let’s keep our tradition alive by honoring the art describing our country. India is a land of many stories. And you know what would be amazing? Incorporating these stories into the artwork.

5. Let us save our environment.

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Let us do our bit in saving the environment by choosing hand-made products over machine-made products. Let’s take our first step towards energy conversation by eliminating the need for factories as work done by hands not only takes less energy but also ensures a more sustainable and secured environment.

6. Next, let us save our economy.

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Let’s kill the notion that our economy is fully reliant on foreign retailers. If our own artists and retailers are given as much power as given to foreign retailers, they will make the tables turn. They have talent in abundance and the ability as well, just lack of platform to express. AatmaNirbhar Bharat is the vision of the Prime Minister of making India a self-reliant nation. Let’s join hands with our Respected Prime Minister and make India self-sufficient in all senses.

7. Handmade equals Love.

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When you purchase a handmade product, it is more than just a mere purchase to the artist. Your purchase means support, your purchase means a compliment. You encourage them to pursue their dreams. You appreciate their work, and they transfer their love to you through their artwork.

There is no reason to not choose Handmade products. Choosing these products is a Win-Win Situation, for us, for our artists, for our economy and for our environment. The joy we receive from purchasing a handmade product is incomparable to that of purchasing from a Big-Box Retailer, for it is made with love. Our artists represent us, and it is our support that makes them. Let us pledge to be their voice and support them in every way possible. The beautiful artworks that our artists curate make our world a better place, so lets also make their worlds better!

Wonderwheel Store encourages artists to continue pursuing their dreams by providing them with a platform to express themselves through their art. When you buy from us, you directly lend your encouragement and support to these artists and make a far-reaching impact on their lives that gets them closer to their dreams.

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