Gifts are something that holds such a major part of our lives. There is always some or the other occasion where we have to gift someone. Gifts are those little pieces of emotions that let people know that we care for them or that we love them. Whenever we gift anything to someone that always stays with them and reminds them of us whenever they see it. It is not necessary that the gifts that we give always have to really costly and expensive, what matters is the feelings that we wish to portray.

Now the main confusion arises of what can we gift which is affordable and that can portray our emotions too. So we have come up with some really affordable handmade products which are under 500 and that will surely be loved by everyone and plus you always have plenty of options to choose from-

1. Coasters:

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Coasters can be such an amazing gift for someone who loves tea and plus it helps in not leaving any stains on the tables. These are handcrafted and will completely enhance the beauty of the dining collection.

2. Earrings:

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If you want to gift any girl, giving an earring as a gift can never go wrong. Earrings are one such accessory that every girl loves to wear and what can be better than gifting such a beautiful handcrafted earring. There are so many varieties you can choose from.

3. Keychains:

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Keychains are widely used by everyone and can be a sweet gesture to give them as a gift. There are so many beautiful handmade keychains with so many patterns and varieties to select from.

4. Dreamcatchers:

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Dreamcatcher is yet another beautiful product that can be gifted to your loved ones. Dreamcatchers are beautiful and are believed to be spreading positive energy, and everybody wants positivity in their lives. They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns and make a great gift.

5. Quilling Art:

The category of quilling arts has so many different kinds of products, from art frames to earrings to candle holders and much more. The frames look so lovely and can be customized according to one’s own requirements and it could be a nice gift for someone who loves delicate yet beautiful artworks.

6. Origami:

The products made from origami which refer to the folding of papers to create objects that can be used for decoration are yet another amazing category of products that can be gifted. They look fragile but surely enhances the beauty of the house and makes a lovely gift for someone.

7. Perler Beads Products:

Perler beads are widely used to make many products like keychains and earrings, small showpiece miniatures, and much more. They are totally affordable and would be loved by children and makes a perfect gift for them. There is a huge collection with different products and patterns and colors to choose from.

8. Outdoor and Gardening:

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This could be the best gift to someone who loves gardening and who loves to decorate their outdoor space. There are many products like planters and pots and whatnot. This will be the best gift and would be the most useful one too.

Wonderwheel Store has a wide range of products for wall art and home decor that are completely handcrafted by our vendors from all across the county. There are a variety of keychains, jewelry, dream catchers, photo frames, quilling art frames, wall clocks, and many more to choose from and gift your loved ones.

On Wonderwheelstore, you can Buy & Sell Handmade and customized products and gifts | Wall decor, paintings, Home Decor, Jewellery, Phone Accessories, Dream Catchers, Explosion Box, Key chains, Passport covers, Shoes and many more

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