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  • Navkar Mantra 6,500.00

    “Embark on a journey of tranquility with our Navkar Mantra resin art. This 16 x 24-inch masterpiece, resting on a marine MDF base, emanates serenity and spirituality in every intricate detail. 🕉️✨

  • Gayathri Mantra 6,500.00

    “Immerse your space in the sacred vibrations of the Gayathri Mantra with our resin art masterpiece. Measuring 16 X 24 inches and crafted on a marine MDF base, it’s a divine fusion of art and spirituality. 🕉️✨ 

  • Resin evil eye glittery Key chain 679.00

    “Guard your keys with style and mystique! Introducing our Resin Evil Eye Glittery Key Chain – a touch of sparkle with a watchful eye. Carry protection and flair wherever you go. 🔮✨ 

  • Resin Flower Necklace 379.00

    “Elegance in bloom: Adorn yourself with the enchanting beauty of our Purple Flower Resin Necklace. A golden chain  add a touch of sophistication to this floral masterpiece. Nature-inspired, gracefully refined. 🌸✨

  • Hand-painted Madhubani art tray with brass handle 2,050.00

    “Elevate your serving experience with this exquisite Hand-painted Madhubani Art Tray. The perfect blend of tradition and elegance, featuring intricate details and a brass handle. Size: 12×8 inches – where art meets functionality.”

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