As gift-giving is an integral part of your life, we want to give special attention to the real importance of gifts in our life. Often enough, we simply buy and give gifts without that special feeling in the heart. Giving gifts shouldn’t be what’s done out of compulsion; it must come from the heart. When you give a gift, it should be done willfully without expecting to get something in return. Putting a smile on the face of the next person is more than enough motivation to give a gift and make you give more. It’s also a unique way to show the gift recipient that you have him or her in your thoughts. Despite the cheer that comes from receiving a gift, there’s way more satisfaction from being the person giving the gift; a feeling which can’t be measured in monetary terms. The joy you get from opening a gift is but instantaneous, however giving provides a more self-satisfying experience that is sustainable. We learn the importance of giving gifts. A simple act but one which provides a tremendous response. It has been shown that giving makes us more joyful than receiving. A thoughtful gift can go a long way in bolstering your bond with the recipient. If you’re on the lookout for some great last-minute thoughtful gifts that will ignite the spark, Wonderwheelstore.com is the perfect place to browse.

Replica Dolls:

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Replica Dolls are the ultimate personalized gift for your loved one. These are customized sculptures that are a tiny version of your loved ones. Our artists convert your photographs into 3d models using different techniques. Whichever version you choose to gift, they are bound to make an impact. You can get these shipped anywhere in India. They make for a lifetime keepsake and also add life to any desk or room décor. These cute little minis will immediately bring a smile to everyone’s face and also automatically become conversation starters.

Birthday Hamper:

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A gift hampers designed especially for your loved ones’ birthdays. A handmade box of blue and black color with hand-selected products like an eye mask, mug, chocolates, earrings, and pop socket. If you’re looking for a special gift for your special one, make sure to keep this on your radar! Bombard your significant other with love with our explosion boxes! You can stack your explosion box with cards, chocolates, photos, and gifts, and it will be a never-ending surprise for your loved one! There’s a lot of room for customization that allows you to pick out the color, design, gifts, and layers; so, you can customize one that will speak to your partner’s interest!

Tag Book Hand Bag:

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The perfect way to surprise the women in your life. This cute gift consists of a tag book that comes in a cute little handbag. It can be customized on any theme/ color of your choice which makes it even more perfect.

Beautiful Handcrafted sling bag:

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Girls and Bags- Another never-ending love affair! Bags, for girls, are the most visible fashion accessory. Bags can be one of the most thoughtful gifts for a girl as it shows her you get her and her ‘struggle‘! You can choose from a wide range of designer and customized bags, sling bags, tote bags, and backpacks; after all, it’s you who’s going to carry it! Isn’t it?

Glittery Hoop Earrings:

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If you happen to love fashion earrings, then don’t hesitate to keep reading and explore the latest trends, styling tips, and suggestions of how you can rock these trendy earrings for this season. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your girl, it’s all too easy to get sucked down the Rabbit’s hole. However, earrings are one such fail-proof product that can never go wrong. Gifting a girl jhumkas is an entry ticket to her heart! She will remember you every time she wears it and will always hold it close to her heart. There’s no scarcity among this bunch for you to choose from earrings, crochet earrings, pearl jhumkas, tassel earrings, and quilling earrings.

Personalized Photo Frame:

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If yours is a ‘Growing Old Together’ kind of love, then there’s no gift better than this to honor all that you’ve been through! A cumulation of all your sweet memories into one, a personalized photo frame is the best gift! You could sit with them for hours to recollect each memory and this will be a moment to remember! This will strengthen your relationship, friendship bolsters your bond, and redefine your love for one another! What may seem like a simple photo frame may be a lot more than that!

Personalized Masks:


Masks have become an important part of our lives now and who said a gift can’t be something that is extremely useful but is also very special with a personalized effect on it. Check out our amazing collection of masks that can be personalized and he is going to love it.

Wonder wheel Store has always got your back so that you remain sorted on the gift front! We have a huge collection of products that are perfect for every occasion! You can select the products or have them custom made as per your needs. These products are brought to you by our talented artisans who handcraft them for you keeping your choices in mind. Make sure to keep checking out this space for more ideas and unique products!

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