Spent hours looking for the perfect gift but couldn’t find any? Gifting someone can be a difficult task especially when the other person has everything. Finding the perfect gift to suit the other person’s taste can be particularly difficult. The last thing you want to do is buy a gift that is not appreciated by the receiver. Gifts are more special when they are individual to the recipient. Personalized gifts enjoy a unique importance, and Human Replica Dolls stand right on top of it. They are perfect for every individual, every occasion and for every budget! They are basically the solution to all your gifting problems.

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Handmade Replica Dolls have always enjoyed market domination in the personalized gift category since the time they have been introduced; and that’s nearly 8 years ago! So, these are actually timeless. They are the perfect gift for any occasion. They will not disappoint you and will always be treasured. These are 3D Miniatures that are made to look exactly like you. These are made from either Ceramic or PLA Biodegradable Plastic, and are water-resistant and unbreakable.

The purpose of gifting someone these 3D Miniature Dolls is to give something more individual to the person, and to give a particularly meaningful gift. Personalized gifts make the receiver feel they are special. When you choose a personalized gift over a store-brought product, the receiver feels you have invested a lot of time and money behind the thought and that they are important for you to do so.  

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A gift should show the receiver that the person gifting them has thought about them. In other words, a gift is a symbol of love & affection from the giver to the receiver. Very few products feel as special as receiving something created specifically for you that you know someone has invested a great deal of their time into. Replica Dolls are infused with love.

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These 3D Handmade Miniatures are sheer display of hard work, passion & creativity. There is always a surprise element when you gift someone these as most of the time the receiver expects a regular, shop-brought item. The look on their face will be priceless; and they will always keep these close to their heart.

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The last thing you would want to do is spend money on a gift that serves no special purpose. Does anything hurt more than knowing that a gift you chose isn’t what your receiver wanted? Well, with 3D Human Replica Dolls, you won’t have to restrict yourself. If it’s an anniversary, Couple Replica Dolls would be your best bet, as the couple would cherish this for a lifetime. Be it a birthday present, a house-warming gift, a promotion gift, or a graduation gift, these Replica Dolls will always mark the special occasion. It’s something the receiver will remember you by, every time they look at it.

Gifting these to someone not only makes them feel special, but also strengthens your bond with the recipient. These Miniature Replica Dolls will never become obsolete.

These Handmade Miniature Dolls go through various processes.

It doesn’t matter where you live, be it Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore, you can get these purchased and shipped anywhere throughout the country from your living room! No more will you have to search for Replica Dolls in Mumbai/ Delhi/ Chennai/ Bangalore. We’re here for you, always, no matter where you are placed.

Replica Dolls Prices range from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 9,500 depending upon the number of Replica Figures. These dolls usually take about two to three weeks to be shipped as they undergo a lot of durability tests. You can buy these Replica Dolls online through just a single click. You can browse through a wide range of Single Replica Dolls, Couple Replica Dolls and even Family Replica Dolls.

Wonderwheel Store provides a voice to the local artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. All the products on our website are thoroughly handmade. When you buy from us, you directly render your support and encouragement to the artists who have spent their days and nights perfecting their artwork for you. You can get your hands on more of such unique home-décor, wall-décor, gifts, and customized products only on Wonderwheel Store.

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