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Gifting Handmade is Best Home Decor

Wish to give a makeover to your place that keeps in line with your religious beliefs? Look no further than our wide range of religious products inspired by various teachings that will not only help you revamp your room but will also keep your beliefs intact. Our home is an extension of our style, and

Gifting Handmade is Best Valentine

Whether you were caught up in work or it slipped out of your mind, we’ve got you covered. With Valentine’s day being close at hand, you don’t have to let your mind run amuck while finding the perfect gift for your partner. You can still ditch the generic and ignite the passion by going the

Collaborations Fashion Gifting Handmade is Best Valentine

If ‘Romance’ is your middle name, you are in the right place! Finding a gift that speaks to your partner’s interest may be thoughtful but can be particularly difficult at times. We have got you covered with our amazing collection of gifts for her that is sure to leave her spellbound. Spoil your girl this

Fashion Gifting Handmade is Best Valentine

A perfect gift can go a long way in making your man feel loved and special. But can finding the perfect gift be that simple? A gift is a lot more than rushing to the nearest store to make a last-minute purchase. A gift is a medium through which you express your affection and appreciation;

Pebble Painting- ‘Rock’ the ‘House’

Who says you need an expensive canvas painting to decorate your house when something as ubiquitous as a pebble can fulfil the same purpose? Decorating our house can be a head-scratcher at times, mainly because, it is our space where we should feel safe and secure, and we don’t want to ruin that feeling. When

Evolution Of Origami From Child’s Play To Modern Art

Origami projects reflect the patience and perseverance of the artist. It takes a lot of time to complete an origami model as each creation is different. It takes multiple nested sinks, extensive pre-creasing and collapses (where many creases come together at once) to complete a particular model. Each fold is dependent on the previous fold;

The Origami You Know, The Stories You Don’t!

If you’ve ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant, you would have noticed how your napkin was folded into a Swan. Origami models invoke both heritage and cultural standards. In the past, each Origami creation had a story associated with it. Traditionally, it was believed that if one folded 1000 origami cranes, one’s wish would come

Origami – One Paper, Infinite Implications!

You fold a paper into four, and voila, you have a boat! Now open it, and fold it into half, and repeat the same, now you have an aero plane! It’s crazy how a single piece of paper can be transformed into anything within seconds. A thin sheet of paper is not very strong in

Human Replica Dolls- The Ultimate Personalized Gift
Fashion Gifting Handmade is Best Home Decor

Spent hours looking for the perfect gift but couldn’t find any? Gifting someone can be a difficult task especially when the other person has everything. Finding the perfect gift to suit the other person’s taste can be particularly difficult. The last thing you want to do is buy a gift that is not appreciated by

Treasuring Our Art With Handmade Products

How would you feel if your voice is being taken away from you? Inarticulate? Insignificant? Unimportant? Trifling? Insubstantial? How would you feel if you are not allowed to raise your voice and are being suppressed? Inconsiderable? Inferior? Worthless? Immaterial? Nugatory? Millions of Artists from India feel every bit of these emotions every day. For an

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